“Don’t Make The Same Business Mistakes That I Did” – Ichel

With 20+ Years of Experience, Ichel Will Coach You To Run And Grow Your Business Successfully–While Maintaining a Healthy Work-Life Balance In These Chaotic Times…
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Ichel’s Story

Ichel Heerschop, Founder and CEO of Business Mom Campus—graduated from school of hard knocks of business and entrepreneurial endeavors.

She started her companies from scratch by taking bold and self-believing risks – that paid off handsomely.  Going through the grind with only 4-figure salary– she had her fair share of struggles, challenges and sleepless nights. However, she championed it and weathered through the storm in style, becoming a beacon of hope and inspiration for her growing community.

After her first hit with her business mom academy (2016), she found that there is great thirst for entrepreneurial and business acumen among women in general and mothers in particular.

Taking the market research to heart, she set out to team up with other top experts in business coaching industry – so that she can provide you with transformative business coachings, trainings and events, all in one place.

If you are a mother struggling with a side-hustle, single parent trying to meet ends meet for your family or a mom looking to test her metal in entrepreneurial world—Ichel has done it and been there.  With her kind, compassionate and giving nature she may be the right person to coach you through your entrepreneurial storm.


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Make no mistake, this Business Development Mind map (value € 87,00) is not your regular mind map. It’s the distilled version of Ichel’s 20+ years of business experience. By the end of finishing your workbook you’ll get clarity and purpose for your startup or next venture. It’s specifically designed to help you on your entrepreneurial journey from the root, so that your business can bear the best fruit possible.

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